Creation Machine

The first of a series of novels set in The Spin, an ancient artificial cluster of suns and planets.

Iron Gods

Ten thousand years after the events of Creation Machine, the Spin is in decline and the beleaguered slave economy of the Inside is surrounded by rebel civilisations. A group of escapees from the vast forced-labour unit known as The Hive have stolen the last of the Inside’s ancient warships and woken it from an enforced trance that has lasted for five thousand years; someone has destroyed a planet that didn’t exist, and halfway across the Spin, something has gone wrong with the sky…

Stone Clock - published September 2-18!

Hundreds of thousands of years after Iron Gods the Spin is failing, its resources gone and its suns guttering and exhausted. The living population is down to a few million, with trillions more living only as simulations, but the task of maintaining the simulations is using what little the Spin has left even faster. And a hundred light-years away, after eight lifetimes of observing the Spin, Skarbo the Horologist has noticed something unusual – and is about to die for the very last time…