Ancient, Inexplicable...and Dangerous

Depending on how and when you counted, there were between eighty-nine and ninety-four planets in the Spin. Five were wanderers, on vast elliptical orbits that brought them back into play every few years. There was a fashion among the wealthy for maintaining houses, estates, whole private continents on these planets. The fact that they were useless for nine tenths of the time just seemed to add to the attraction.     Read More

The remaining stable – by Spin standards – eighty-nine looped in complex orbits around twenty-one suns, with both orbits and suns evidently being artificial. Not just artificial; most of the orbits were impossible, and a few were close to whimsical. One described a flattened figure of eight centred on nothing obvious, with light, warmth and an intermittently fatal spectrum of radiation coming from its own pet mini-star orbiting a few light-minutes out. It was popular with thrill-seeking tourists, who mostly wore radiation suits, and a select cadre of the terminally ill, who mostly didn’t. The suntans were spectacular, of course.


About The Author

I write science fiction, quite often at times when I really should be doing something else. One of the results, 'Creation Machine', is the first of a series of novels set in The Spin, an ancient artificial cluster of suns and planets. The second is called 'Iron Gods', and the third will probably be called 'Stone Clock' - but don't quote me on that. I grew up in Cornwall and finally went to ground in Leicestershire. When I'm not writing I do stuff in the construction industry and when I'm not doing that I go running or listen to music, generally using ancient technology; in short, I'm a middle-aged man in lycra with a serious addiction to vinyl and valves. You may be better off not dwelling on that image. I hope you enjoy the books, and if there's anything you want to talk about, get in touch.